Staff & Elders

Kal Busman

Lead Pastor

Yrs @ NCC: I've been at NCC since August 2017. First as associate pastor, and then lead pastor in April of 2019.
Family: Wife Janet, married since...for a long time. Two sons. Joshua, professor of ethnomusicology at UNCP. Matthew, House parent at Boys and Girls Home of North Carolina. Two grandsons Arthur and Simon who are actively pursuing their journey to awesomeness.
Dogs or Cats? We have had, and love, dogs and cats. At this stage of our lives, we have three cats because they're easier and we're both secure in not being loved unconditionally. We also have fish.
Favorite thing about NCC: The compassion that our people have towards those who life has not been kind to.  And the diversity which allows us to do life with people who are different from each other.
Fun fact: I can make a loud popping sound with my finger.

Kathy Brewer


Hometown: Sedro-Woolley, WA
Yrs @ NCC: Mike and I came to NCC in December of 2015 and I became a member of the staff in February of 2017
Family: I have two children, Katie and Jesse
Dogs or Cats? I've never owned a pet
Favorite thing about NCC: The support and acceptance has been phenomenal.  I really believe that this is a place of acceptance her for everyone
Fun fact: I learned American Sign Language in the 90’s to sign with a young woman at out church, we started signing together during worship and expanded to classes at my local college.  Nikki’s hearing was restored miraculously.

Stephen Watts


Hometown: LaGrange, GA
Yrs @ NCC: 24
Family: Wife Leah, Asher (15), Hannah Grace (14), Canaan (10), Judah (9)
Dog or Cats? Mostly cats, but we do have a dog (Waffles) that I'm pretty attached to.
Favorite thing about NCC: The diversity and openness to meeting people where they are on their journey
Fun Fact: Leah and I have been married for 16 years. We met, had our first date, got engaged, and got married within the walls of the current NCC building.

Christina Rigsby


Hometown: Pharr ,TX (insert pun here) 
Yrs @ NCC: 2.5
Family: Husband Joshua, daughters Sophia (9) and Aletha (7)
Dog or Cats? I love them both. 
Favorite thing about NCC: How loving and accepting everyone is 
Fun Fact: I once had a collection of over 100 different kinds of rubber ducks. 

Kristy Williams


Hometown: Whitesville, GA
Yrs @ NCC: 15
Family: Alvin Williams, Spouse; Cherisce Snow-Daughter; Alyson Snow-Daughter 
Dog or Cats? I have a Chihuahua named Sofie she was a rescue her previous owner was in the process of taking her to the pound. She loves to play and cuddle. 
Favorite thing about NCC: The welcoming love that I have always felt. Feeling welcomed in a place speaks volumes about the people that serve and attend church here. 
Fun Fact: I love people and helping others. My Love Language is “Acts of Service” 

Nell Jenkins

Elder | Family Ministries

Hometown: I was born in Munich, Germany (Army brat) but grew up in Columbus.
Yrs @ NCC: 29
Family: 2 daughters, 1 son, 4 grandkids
Dog or Cats? Definitely dogs
Favorite thing about NCC: The community I experience, especially with the different people and groups I get to serve with.
Fun Fact: I never let my bare feet touch the ground. I once washed my feet and inside my shoes (because I couldn’t stick my clean feet back in the dirty shoes after I had put the shoes on after touching the ground) at an airport because I didn’t have anything to put on my feet going through TSA security.

Tyrone Billingsley


Hometown: Birmingham, AL., but have lived in GA for 35+ years.
Yrs @ NCC: 6 years.  
Family: I have been married to Janis for 45 years and we have one son who lives in Hickory, NC.
Dogs or cats?
Favorite thing about NCC: I enjoy the friendly people at NCC.
Fun Fact:

Kathy Davis


Hometown: McDonough, GA
Years at NCC: 29
Family: Married to Barry Davis, and together we have 5 children (7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren).
Dogs or cats? DOGS, DOGS, DOGS!!  We currently have four Boston Terriers, but have bred some of them in the past, joyfully providing wonderful pets for many families over the years.

Favorite thing about NCC: That’s hard to choose, but here goes.  I began attending NCC when I was going through a divorce and at a very low point in my self esteem.  I found a welcoming, loving family of believers here who were very supportive and encouraging to me and my children.  Part of that was offering a class to help me discover my spiritual gifts, passion, and how I was wired up to best serve in ministry.  That was a HUGE affirmation and blessing for me then, and I love helping others to discover those things about themselves.
Fun fact: I am a very “punny” person and am very easily (according to my family) entertained, amused and delighted by just about any pun I hear or create!  Really.  Share yours with me! 

Angela Kenyon


Hometown: Franklin, GA
Yrs @ NCC: 20
Family: My son Malcolm, who grew up at NCC
Dog or Cats? No pets
Favorite thing about NCC: The relationships that I've made here have helped me to grow beyond what I imagined I could be.
Fun Fact: I have over 50 first cousins and I've met all of them. (Lots of family reunions!) 

Janice Grant


Yrs @ NCC: 27
Family: Clifton and Janice Grant, sons Chad and Karleigh, daughter Jada. Grandchildren: McKenzie and Caemyn , Mother in law: Armetine 
Dog or Cats? Polo Earl Grant- Yorkie; with us since 2010
Favorite thing about NCC: the people 
Fun Fact: NCC used to do new comers event at the pastor's house; I went to the wrong house and they were hosting a Mardi Gras themed supper club.  I was walking around until I saw beer in a couple of hands and realized I was in the wrong place.

Angela Barnett


Hometown: Tallassee, AL
Yrs @ NCC: 29
Family: Married to Louis for 35 years. We have four children, Adam, Ethan, Emily and Patrick, and one granddaughter, Sophie 
Dog or Cats? I love both, but we are a cat family!! We have two cats; Mister and Tigger. 
Favorite thing about NCC: The commitment to make sure that our congregation reflects the same diversity that we will see in Heaven!! 
Fun Fact: I’m prone to having embarrassing things happen to me in from of large groups of people … (like stadiums and auditoriums!) 

Pauline Howard


George Gilbert